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ADR & Foley

We provide Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) Service to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes. Also Foley Service to reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film  to enhance audio quality.

Editing & Restoration

Audio restoration process of removing imperfections ( such as hissimpulse noise , crackle , wow and flutterbackground noise, and mains hum , etc ) from sound recordings.

Mixing & Mastering

Tone Control , Dinamic Control and Level Automation Process For Audio Mixing and Mastering

TULUS - Langit Abu-Abu

Music Video

Credits :

Video: Director/DOP: Davy Linggar

Video Editor: Reuben Tourino

Sound Designer: Pahlevi Santoso

Audio: Composition: Lyrics and melody: Tulus

Chord/music: Ari Renaldi



"A man is considered to be a real man if he has a house, a wife, a horse, a dagger and a bird," Javanese proverb. Tracking, catching and training exotic birds from deep in the Indonesian jungle is lucrative business for young Indonesian entrepreneurs. That is, if the birds' new owners can make a good showing at local bird singing competitions and successfully sells them to the highest bidder. The birds are treated like royalty. They are their owners' ticket to a better life. Agok is new to the business. He follows the lead of his mentor Edi navigating the tricky process of procuring and training the right bird for this competitive and unusual sport. But training birds is not easy and takes a considerable time. Edi takes Agok under his wing to enable him a better chance at fulfilling his dream.

SAMSUL (Guardians of Tradition)

A short film for Channel News Asia

  • Documentary- 7 x 3 min (English / Indonesian / Khmer)

  • Channel News Asia

  • Produced by Mark Olsen and Nick Calpakdjian

  • Directed by ArfanSabran, Nick Calpakdjian, Mark Olsen, Wisnu Pratama, Vicky Banyucindih

A series of short films looking at three main themes :

  1. Saving Lives

  2. Guardians of Tradition

  3. Healthy Living

We filmed in Indonesia, Cambodia and India exploring diverse stories such as keeping traditional dances of East Java alive, taking north east Indian weaving techniques to the world through Yana Ngoba’s fashion exhibitions, a floating doctor service in Indonesia and the 3D printing of prosthetic arms in Cambodia.

"Laloran Justisa" - Trailer


Trailer for Laloran Justisa (Waves of Justice) - a new 20-episode television series that will be launched in Dili, Timor Leste on August 18, 2017. The Tetun-language series presents high-stakes law and order drama, family tensions, football, music and love stories in combination with important human rights and democracy challenges. The series will screen on Timor-Leste national TV channel RTTL from 29th August 2017. A partnership of Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) and Timor-Leste Provedor for Human Rights (PDHJ) designed, created and wrote Laloran Justisa. The European Union financed the series, and Dili Film Works as local partners received the completed scripts and produced the episodes.

The Muslim Tourist: Discovering Ise-Shima

For NHK Japan & Kompas TV

Indonesian actor Hamish Daud reveals the appeal of Ise-Shima to Muslim visitors.Although the area is not so well known overseas, Ise-Shima offers much to see: Ise Jingu, one of Japan's largest shrines; Iga, an original ninja site; and Ago Bay, a place where pearls are plentiful. Hamish shares his thoughts as he gets together with residents and experiences their versions of Japanese culture. This program is produced by NHK and 2 Islands Digital, an Indonesian production house.

Let Elephants Be Elephants ( Documentary )

For National Geographic Channel Asia

Let Elephants Be Elephants documentary National Geographic Channel Asia. Producer: Ernest Hariyanto & Serena Lau Written & Edited by Ernest Hariyanto Sound Design & Mixed by Pahlevi Indra Santoso Music by Julia Newmann and Cody Westheimer.

JALANAN ( Documentary )


  JALANAN berkisah tentang Jakarta dan potret Indonesia melalui mata 3 pengamen muda yang humoris dan gigih menjalani hidup; Titi, Boni, dan Ho. Film ini mengikuti ketiganya secara intim dan mengangkat keseharian mereka yang terpinggirkan dari hiruk-pikuk Ibukota, tanpa rekayasa. JALANAN menelusuri kesepian, duka, asmara, kisruh perceraian, meriah perkawinan, hingga dorongan seksual mereka di tengah riuh-rendah Jakarta yang dikendalikan oleh globalisasi dan korupsi. The JALANAN Team Director/Producer: Daniel Ziv Editor: Ernest Hariyanto Sound Design & Mixing: Pahlevi Indra Santoso Producers: DesaKota Productions

Street Ballad: A Jakarta Story

A young, gifted street musician searches for identity, legitimacy, and love on the frenzied streets of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Titi Juwariyah, 27, is a street singer in Jakarta, Indonesia. She leads a challenging, conflicted life — from her migration to Jakarta as a lost teen from the Java countryside to her heartfelt quest for identity and acceptance in her adopted city.

Armed with just a battered guitar, a soulful voice, and a desire for a better life, Titi composes catchy folk tunes to entertain passengers on Jakarta's teeming buses. She dreams of making a career in music but is overwhelmed by the pressures of supporting her troubled family.

Bali Is My Life

It’s a magic that's stitched into the everyday fabric of Balinese lives. It's rooted in the ancient, and vibrantly alive in the present. It awakens all who are open to it, reminding them of what really matters. It has the power to change lives forever. Inspired by the Balinese philosophical concept tri hita karana "harmony between the divine, mankind and nature" Bali Is My Life explores the resplendent natural beauty, graceful people and age-old spiritual traditions that characterize this unique island, and the transformative  effect they have on all who visit. Miraculously, Bali's core culture remains undiminished in an age of motorbikes and mobile phones, while simultaneously being open to integrating the new. Produced by an award-winning international team, the film is inspired by the cross-cultural collaborations that are happening on the island.


By: Garin Nugroho

Opera Jawa was one of several films commissioned by Peter Sellars for the New Crowned Hope Festival in 2006 in Vienna to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Opera Jawa won the Best Composer award for Rahayu Supanggah at the inaugural Asian Film Awards. It was also one of six nominees for Best Film at the 1st Asian Film Awards. It was nominated for Best Feature Film at the 2007 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. It won the Silver Screen Award for Best Film at the 2007 Singapore International Film Festival.


Dealova adalah sebuah film drama yang diproduksi pada tahun 2005 oleh rumah produksi Flix Pictures. Skenario film ini ditulis oleh Hilman Hariwijaya yang diadaptasi dari novel teenlit (literatur remaja) best seller karya Dyan Nuranindya yang berjudul sama. Dibintangi oleh Evan Sanders, Ben Joshua, Jessica Iskandar, Doni Dealova. Film ini juga didukung dengan beberapa lagu dari Band J Rock, Once, Bunga Citra Lestari dll....Director : Dian W Sasmita  |  Producer : Heru Winanto  |  Editor : Yoga  |  Sound Design : Levi The Fly


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